Cox Communication Holiday

Latest work at Duck Studios!

Texturing and shading..


Pop tarts Joylicious

Latest work at Duck Studios

UVed and textured some of the little dudes, environment, and the pop tarts.

fun times…!!

oh the spot made it to Notcot today!

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

RIP Steve Jobs.

Thank you for building Pixar and Apple. As I look back and connect the dots, I would not have chosen to be in the career I am in right now and got the education to become an artist without the influence of both companies.

Toy Story is the main reason why I am in the 3D industry, and I’m living my dream.

Thank you for your passion and drive for perfection.

Thank you for making the world a better place.

I will stay hungry, and stay foolish.

Dirgahayu Indonesia!

My first Independence Day away from home.. not only i missed out on all the festivities, i have to work tomorrow… oh well.. I’m grateful to even have a job though! And someday I will return home and put my knowledge and experiences that I got here for a better Indonesia..!!

Dirgahayu Indonesia..!

Pancasila sila ke-5 .. “Keadilan sosial bagi seluruh rakyat Indonesia”.. its the dream 🙂


Bangunlah jiwanya, bangunlah badannya

untuk Indonesia Raya! 





Hiduplah Indonesia Raya!!

RIP Borders

Got an email from Borders with the subject “A Fond Farewell”..
That made me sad.. 😦

Growing up in Indonesia, I never had the luxury of having Borders around the corner, or having a place to find affordable un-translated version of English novels for that matter… My first encounter with the store was when I traveled to Singapore, and my brother brought me to the ONLY Borders in the country, it was fascinating…I have never seen a bookstore that fancy…  It became my favorite spot whenever I go to Singapore for vacation or visiting my brother.

It became the place where I spend hours and hours starting from the Kids section to the young adult, to fiction, fantasy, magazine, arts and design, cooking, and many more.. I practically grew up visiting the store whenever I’m in town..

Now that I moved to LA.. i’ve became spoiled with bookstores, and Borders were always there just around the corner.. So it became quite a shock to me when they announced their bankruptcy, and started to close down a lot of their stores..

With all the ebooks and stuff.. which I am quite guilty of having kindle on my phone, ipod, and even my macbook.. Ebooks are convenient, but it can’t be compared with the beauty of a physical book. It never will…

Well… farewell Borders… I will miss you.

Oh and on lighter note..

i’ve been sleeping A LOT since Otis… things got a little boring in the evening after my work/internship tho, the last thing i wanna do when i get home is to open maya… lol! … its weird…and sleeping at midnight every day?? WHOA!

and Vray is awesome…

job hunting sucks.. but I WILL GET THERE SOON!!!

oh Indonesian festival last week… a bit disappointing on how small it was… but it was more than enough to made me homesick all week… I miss home..

and Harry Potter ended… but i went back to the audiobook.. re-reading/listening the first 2 books .. i can’t remember how many times i’ve read them.. lol..!

Otis Alumni

I am now one of them 🙂

I miss the amazing DGMD2011 crew already T_T//

Senior Show 2011


everyone did an amazing job this year, and I am so gonna miss my Otis people… the late night Ralph’s run, senior lab sillines… I LOVE YOU GUYS!! I am looking forward to work with y’all in the industry!! ❤