Got an email from Borders with the subject “A Fond Farewell”..
That made me sad.. 😦

Growing up in Indonesia, I never had the luxury of having Borders around the corner, or having a place to find affordable un-translated version of English novels for that matter… My first encounter with the store was when I traveled to Singapore, and my brother brought me to the ONLY Borders in the country, it was fascinating…I have never seen a bookstore that fancy…  It became my favorite spot whenever I go to Singapore for vacation or visiting my brother.

It became the place where I spend hours and hours starting from the Kids section to the young adult, to fiction, fantasy, magazine, arts and design, cooking, and many more.. I practically grew up visiting the store whenever I’m in town..

Now that I moved to LA.. i’ve became spoiled with bookstores, and Borders were always there just around the corner.. So it became quite a shock to me when they announced their bankruptcy, and started to close down a lot of their stores..

With all the ebooks and stuff.. which I am quite guilty of having kindle on my phone, ipod, and even my macbook.. Ebooks are convenient, but it can’t be compared with the beauty of a physical book. It never will…

Well… farewell Borders… I will miss you.

Oh and on lighter note..

i’ve been sleeping A LOT since Otis… things got a little boring in the evening after my work/internship tho, the last thing i wanna do when i get home is to open maya… lol! … its weird…and sleeping at midnight every day?? WHOA!

and Vray is awesome…

job hunting sucks.. but I WILL GET THERE SOON!!!

oh Indonesian festival last week… a bit disappointing on how small it was… but it was more than enough to made me homesick all week… I miss home..

and Harry Potter ended… but i went back to the audiobook.. re-reading/listening the first 2 books .. i can’t remember how many times i’ve read them.. lol..!